Ahora, leer Two Bits en Español!

Posted by ckelty on May 3, 2019

Ten years later, Two Bits is now available in a Spanish translation (Download it here). It is a great and humbling thing, but wait until I explain why.

The spanish translation was not commissioned or paid for by a press—rather it is an exemplary case of modulation in the spirit of Free Software. Led by the indefatigable Floren Cabello, a committed group of acadmics, students, and hackers collaboratively translated the book. The list of all those who contributed is below, and I owe every last one of them a debt of gratitude and una caña libra, at least. Muchas Gracias.

It is a great thing to see this book in Spanish, for reasons that have little to do with my own pride or narcissm. The spanish-speaking world has been far more attuned to the promise and challenge of free software, free cultire, open access, and the novel reorientations of knowledge and power than those in the Anglo world. Although I have enjoyed plenty of discussions in the US about free software, it was through the invitation of Alberto Corsin and the camaderie and discussion with Floren, with Marcos Garcia and Laura Fernández (of the Media Lab Prado), Adolfo Estalella, Nerea Calvillo, the residents of Patio Maravillas, and many other academics from Spain, Catalan, and across Mexico, Latin and South America, that I have learned how to think about my own work in ways that surprise and fascinate me. It is a condition of being an academic that you never know whether your work makes a difference to anyone. Only if you are lucky do you get a clear signal, even if it comes in a language you don’t speak.

Translators: Ana M. Alconchel, María Anaya, Ana Balbuena, Aleksandra Bog-danska, Hermes Cañizares, Teresa de Andrés, Carlos de las Heras, César de Pablo, Julieta Fernández de Landa, Leticia Fuentes, Noelia García, Marifé García Braun, Nerea García Garmendia, María García Perulero, Isis Herrero, Elisa Lois, Pedro J. López Quintana, Manuel Martínez, Francisco J. Maya Rodríguez, Lara Moyano, Natalia Parrado, Laura Pérez, Fabián Prieto, Mayte Provencio, Emma Ramos, María Teresa Rascón, Paloma Ruiz, Rubén Salinero, María del Pilar C. Sancosme, Antonio Santo, Fátima Solera, Ale-jandro Torres, Victoria Trillo, Andrea Vidal y José Antonio Villalobos.

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